The Legend of Zelda just turned 30! I have so many fond memories of playing Zelda games that if I tried to list them all I’d be typing well into next week. Most of my earliest memories of the games are of watching my brother Joe play through them. I played as well but I didn’t have the fortitude to finish one until Link’s Awakening. I’ve since gone back and completed most of the games, with Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword being the exceptions. Majora because it bored the living hell out of me and Skyward because my Wii gave up the ghost about three fourths of the way through my playthrough. I’m going back through it on Wii U but the beginning of that game is an absolute slog.

This year will see the HD rerelease of Twilight Princess and, god willing, the release of an all new Zelda adventure. I for one can’t wait!