Not everyone has these nights, but a lot of people do. You’re eyelids feel like they’re made of lead, you’ve never felt so tired in your life, you turn off the lights, and… no sleep. You start thinking about all kinds of random stuff. What ever happened to that friend from highschool that you lost touch with? Was it you or them that just stopped reaching out? Is there something weird under your hair? How would you know, you’ve never shaved your head? If you burp, fart, laugh, cry, sneeze, and cough at the same time, will you die? Is that memory from your childhood real or did you see it on a tv show and think that it happened to you? Why can you only remember the plot to one episode of A.L.F.? If you could live anywhere, where would you live? The beach? Lakeside cabin? How many more things can you possibly think about? SOOOOO MANY.

Here’s another thing to think about, a brand new video!