Here it is, the last comic before Christmas.

My daughter is reading the Harry Potter books for the first time and she just finished Prisoner of Azkaban and when she finishes a book we watch the movie. I remembered not liking the movie of that particular book and time has not changed a thing. Love the book, but coming off the first two movies which follow as close as a movie should to a book the third movie is just a big ol’ let down. Important moments are left out or changed (the Snape backstory is jettisoned and Hogsmeade is truncated) in favor of adding a bunch of weird shrunken head stuff and other “gags” that aren’t in the book. Hogwarts’ architecture is all outta whack but the production design is pretty good otherwise. I know you were all just dying to know my thoughts on this ancient tome/film.

Hope you’re having great holiday times!