Super Mario Odyssey is an absolute blast! The controls are tight, the music is catchy as hell, and every world oozes with charm. I’ve been getting deep into the photo mode as well, which is something I typically ignore in games. Cappy is also a true delight but while I love the heck out of  the interesting ways you use enemy powers, I gotta admit that I kinda miss Mario wearing raccoon ears or a cape. I was half expecting some of those to be costume options but as of yet, no dice. One thing I would change about the game: The damn splash screen that tells you to play the game with the separated Joy Cons! Nintendo, if you’re listening, you gotta give me the option to turn that off. Also, as much as Nintendo pushes that control scheme on you, I played the entire game with the pro controller and it felt fantastic! There are zero moves you cannot comfortably pull off with a standard controller. If you want a score? 9.5/10 (points deducted for that splash screen)

Go play it!