There was a lot of talk about whether the new Zelda was going to feature a female protagonist and I have to admit that when I first saw the trailer I was curious as well.  After subsequent viewings I became less and less curious. Then Nintendo flat out said that it was Link and he’s a boy.  It makes sense, they are shaking things up, but this is still Nintendo they aren’t going to veer that far from type all in one go.  If and when there is a female protagonist it will most likely be in a spin-off title like Super Princess Peach.

Continuing with gender in gaming there was also the Ubisoft debacle.  Now, Ubisoft hasn’t been the worst company when it come to diversity. Not the best either, but certainly not the worst.  I think they are just guilty of picking one of the worst possible excuses for not putting in the ladies, especially when they had already set a precedent of inclusion.