Gilbert’s fear was originally going to be fruit bats, then I found out that fruit bats are part of a group called Megabats and I immediately changed it.

You may have heard this already if you follow the comic Don’t Hit Save¬†but, this weekend I met up with its creator and all around decent fella, Jeff Lofvers. He was driving head-long into the fever swamp they call Florida and happened to pass through the section of the wasteland that I skitter around disguised as one of the cow-sized cockroaches that now rule this world. First things first, dude is tall, not¬†Stephen King tall but it’s clear that he’s made a dark pact that transforms the laughs that his comics produce into height. We parleyed over the finest pizza Sbarro had to offer and decided to continue our longstanding friendship/rivalry in the real world as well as online. Dude is cool.

He also has a Patreon just like I have a Patreon. What I’m trying to say is, Support da arts GIVE US YOUR MONEY!!