There are a lot of really cool weapons in Breath of the wild and, for the most part, the weapon durability mechanic doesn’t bother me too much. It’s forced me to experiment with different types of combat which is great…for the first 40 hours.


You get to a point where you collect a handful of weapons that you can repair(replace really) but they still break. Heck, even the Master Sword runs out of energy and becomes unavailable for a 10 minute cool-down period. I love this game and the weapon durability is cool for a bit but c’mon Nintendo, it isn’t gonna break the game to let us go hog wild with the Master Sword. You gotta work hard to get it and I feel like at that point the player has earned the right to swing away with impunity. There’s already a mechanic where the sword is more powerful against certain enemies and, from what I can tell, it won’t break while fighting them. Against standard enemies it pretty much acts like a normal sword. I just want it to be an unbreakable one. Maybe there’s a way to reduce the cool-down? If not, it’s entirely possible for Nintendo to patch that in. My advice to them: DO IT!

Now that I’m done ranting it’s time to play another billion hours of Zelda.