I’m a pretty regular hand washer. That has not been difficult for me. Not touching my face, however, has been a nightmarish trial. These things are very necessary though. If you are a person reading this in the future, at the time of this comic’s making COVID-19 is a horrible virus that is sweeping the world and the counrty that I live in’s response to it has been abysmal. I have people in my family and friends that have compromised immune systems and are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill or dying. I do not take that lightly and if you are reading this in the present, please stay safe and healthy.

Wash your hands, with soap, for at least twenty seconds.

Don’t touch your face.

If you feel ill, consult a physician and keep to yourself.

If you aren’t directly seeing the impact of this virus it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a very serious problem.

Be smart. Stay safe. Get information from reputable medical sources. Stay calm (if possible).

thanks for reading,

Josh D.