This is pretty much how that movie The Birds happened.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been chased or attacked by a bird but it is terrifying. Many a year ago, when I was roommates with my friend Matt, such a thing happened to me. Matt had an African grey parrot named Yeeves (I probably spelled that wrong but screw it, it’s phonetically correct) and while Matt was out of town I was put in charge of him. I felt bad that he had to spend so much time in his cage, so I let him out. Now, Yeeves liked to look out the window, so I put him on top of the cage (located directly beside the window). I could sense his excitement and, with a flourish, I pulled the cord to raise the blinds. That’s when tragedy struck.

The blinds went about halfway up then came straight off the wall. Yeeves had already stuck his head out to take a peek and was struck in the head and pulled down between the cage and the window. He was hurt (not too seriously, thank goodness), but more than that, HE. WAS. PISSED. He came barreling out from beneath the cage, ready to exact his revenge on his unintentional attacker…me. He flapped at my face screeching and, I’m not ashamed to say, that I screamed in a note that would put my five year old daughter to shame. I ran out of the room, closing the hallway door and trapping Yeeves in the back of the apartment. Did he give up? Not a chance. A second later, the door began to shake as Yeeves pushed his sharp beak underneath it, trying to jostle it open. Parrots are smart as hell, folks.

Luckily for me Yeeves was scared of brooms. Don’t worry, I didn’t hit him. Just the idea of the broom was enough to get him to warily shuffle back into his cage. Moral of the story: birds got my respect.

What’s this, another time lapse video? You’re damn right it is!