DC comics is at it again. I’m pretty sure there’s a very edgy preteen employed there that they go to for all their “mature” ideas. This time, they launched a “mature” line of comics with Batman: Damned and right out of the gate they showed Batman’s dingus. Don’t worry, the link doesn’t lead to a picture of it but there is a link in the article in the link. I haven’t read the comic, and for all I know it could be very well written, but the fact that the first order of business to show how mature you are is going straight to nudity smacks of adolescence. I’m not even against nudity in comics as long as it’s essential to the narrative. From what I’ve gleaned of this comic, that is not the case.

Anyways, have a good weekend, you caped privates.


P.S. If you wanna look at what’s under that pixelated block you can click here.  Looking at this in front of your boss might not get you fired but it will definitely ensure you lose their respect. I wouldn’t, but hey, I’m not you.