Yeah, but not star-nosed moles, right? They are way too weird to be…what!? They’re there too! Hell no, that’s it, I’m out! Someone get me a pamphlet on Scientology (REALLY REALLY KIDDING ABOUT THAT DO NOT SEND ME SCIENTOLOGY TRACTS). I like to imagine the pearly gates opening wide and it just being Jurassic Park all up in there. If believing in heaven is your thing, I think that animals should be in there for sure. You have to understand though that heaven for a tyrannosaur is basically just eating everything in site.

The kiddo and I have been playing through Twilight Princess HD on Hero Mode. I played the original release on the Wii so this is my first time going through it by mashing buttons instead of wiggling a stick. I liked it back then and I still like it. Review over.

Did you like last Friday’s comic? Did you hate it? Do you want to see it created at an increased speed?