I’m sure Titanfall is a swell game.  Some have heralded it’s arrival as the future of shooters. I however, have some reservations.

A friend of mine was entertaining me with the harrowing tale of trying to get into just one match of the game and being constantly rebuffed.  In that instance it would be nice to jump over to some single player goodness, but as luck would have it the single player is also the multiplayer so that’s right out. Lack of a true single player campaign, no free-for-all game type, and no ability to alter the gameplay are pretty large omissions in my book.  When I think about getting together with my friends to play it has traditionally been as a group unto ourselves, playing any number of different weapon combos on any map we choose.  Choice, in a word, is king. Until Titanfall is a little more open and a little less expensive you can count me out.