I spent the holiday weekend at the beach with my family. I hadn’t been to the beach in years, unless you count a very cold day trip where all I got to do was look at the water and freeze my ass off. We had a great time. My daughter got to hunt for Easter eggs on the beach and my wife and I got commemorative sunburns. I also stabbed myself in the finger with a crab-opening device. We played putt-putt with my parents and generally just chilled out.

The idea for today’s comic came from a night walk on the beach that almost ended in a couple of stings. I was looking up remedies to find out if the pee thing actually works (it generally doesn’t). Turns out these days they just spray you with vinegar or hit you with some really hot water. So next time you hit the bad side of a jellyfish kindly tell everyone around you to put their junk back in their swimsuits.