I’ve never put too much time or effort into my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I spruced up for job interviews or dates back when I went on those; but I never shopped for clothes with any enthusiasm or wanted to spend any portion of my income on them. Given the choice I probably would have spent my youth playing every game that came out totally nude because I had sunk all my dimes into technology. This is also the type of warped mentality that leads a person to eat nothing but ramen noodles so they can make payments on their television. None of this is to say that I’ve ever “had money”, I haven’t, it’s just that when left to my own devices I would totally neglect my appearance and dietary health to get video games the day they were released. My advice to you is this: Don’t do it!

Have a great weekend, you tertiary members of the Apple Dumplin’ Gang!!