Look, I could give less of a crap what Flappy Bird ripped off.  Because, lets be honest, there wasn’t an original bone in that bird’s body.  I don’t care because there are a billion apps out there doing the same thing.  The app marketplace is a lot like that thief town from Adventure Time.  Which is not to say that there aren’t some good people out there making original content.  They are just greatly outnumbered by the con artists out to make a quick buck.

Dong Nguyen’s big mistakes were being super successful and getting sad when people called him on his shit.  Don’t be like LaBeouf Dong.  When people started picking his game apart he should have just taken a long vacation and the internet would have moved on.  What he did instead was get on Twitter and ask people to feel sorry for him because he made a cool million off of a quickly slapped together, extremely derivative, and wholly unoriginal adfest.  You want to defend him? You’re being foolish.  You want to condemn him?  You aren’t looking at the bigger picture. You still want to try Flappy Bird?  Just use a web browser.