So apparently sonic joined the Nathan Drake fan club and just got his decoder scarf in the mail.  To be honest I actually don’t mind the new look  I just hope that with it comes a new Sonic game worth playing.  I heard Generations was alright but I still think Sega is just not in touch with what Sonic’s all about, which to me is making platforming decisions at breakneck speeds.  Getting from point A to point B as fast as possible whilst tearing up as much robot ass as you can on the way.  I doubt the new titles will be about the speed because from what I hear they are pushing team mechanics in this one.  So be on the lookout for a title where you get five seconds of semispeedy Sonic followed by a lot of hammer smashing, tinkering, and hulking out, which seems to be what Knuckles is all about now.

There are only two things I want out of a sonic game, one is to go so fast I feel like I’m always on the edge of losing control and the second is to feel like I am in control of that speed.  I could be way off, but I think a fun sonic game might play a lot like the Burnout games but with a more multi tiered level design.  You could get speed boosts for smashing enemies instead of slowing things down like it tends to do now.