Alright, I need sixty bucks and a crapload of freetime.

Dark Souls 2 launches on Tuesday and if you aren’t familiar with this series by now, I’ll say it, you ain’t been livin.  Few games are brave enough to throw you to the dogs and in the case of Dark Souls sometimes throw you to them nearly nude without weapons or an explaination as to how or why you’re there.  It really is the closest I can imagine modern day gamers get to the first time I popped the original Legend of Zelda into my NES. The sheer mystery of these worlds that are both beautiful and desolate, save for the abundance of monsters that want nothing more than your utter destruction, is palpable.  Controls that are so finely tuned that you never blame them for a defeat. It is an incredibly hard slog but when you come through the other side you feel you’ve been forged like a fine piece of Japanese steel.

So yeah, I NEED DARK SOULS 2, period. period squared