It’s been quite a week. I now have access to a Microsoft Hololens, which is a magical device that turns you into Tony Stark. I used it to put a holographic chimp at my desk! That’s not even the best part, the chimp is eating pizza! I used it to view this very website while it floated in mid air. I took a virtual tour of Rome that was made with a combination of 360 degree video and CG models, it was amazing! I haven’t played a lot of games on it but I did play RoboRaid. I was dancing around the office like a madman having the time of my freakin’ life. There’s a brightness setting on the top of the unit but they should really call it a hologram hardness setting because it seems to increase the fidelity of these computerized visions. If I have one complaint, it’s that the field of view could be bigger, but this is just phase one of this tech so I can imagine a day when Hololens 3.0 makes all of my sight magical. Watch my social media and this site for video of that ridiculousness soon. For now, I’ll just leave you with a vid of last Wednesday’s comic being born.