I hope that by the time you read this I’ve seen Captain America: Civil War. I hope you’ve seen it too, and every time Spider-Man came on screen you thought of this comic and this video. If there’s a spider outside, I leave it alone. If it’s in my house (and not poisonous) I try to take it outside. But I’m telling you right now, if I ever have a run in with a spidersplosion, I’m setting whatever room I’m in on fire.

A couple of comics pals of mine have made pleasant mention of this very site recently, and they make rad stuff too. Do yourself a favor, if you like humor about tech and programming, or if your just a fan of funny, swing by Jeff Lofvers’ Don’t Hit Save. Ditto for Dan Sacharow’s Molly Beans. Cool people, cool comics (don’t tell them I said that).

While you’re in the “checking out cool stuff” mood, watch this video: