Ah, good old comment sections. I’ve had one on this site a few times, and I got a couple friendly words, but when I compared that to the 40,000 spam comments about purses, Lipitor, and Lasik, or those classic ones about my “super helpful blogging post for learning” I figured I was better off without it. Besides, if you really want to tell me how much I suck Twitter is a much better platform.

I feel some credit is due to Jeff Lofvers over at donthitsave.com for unwittingly providing the inspiration for today’s comic. I could tell you how good his comic is but the fact that he’s blowing up Reddit and Imgur these days means you’ve probably already heard. I’d planned on getting this comic done on Saturday and finally getting ahead on this comic making biz but my car decided that it wanted to fail this weekend and that ended up taking a good deal of my time. Mark my words, I will have a buffer one day.