If you follow comics at all you may have heard about a huge reveal in Captain America that happened recently, if not then be warned: SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Long story short Captain America reveals that he has been an agent of Hydra since before World War II. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds but, lets be honest, it’s not going to stick and in all likely hood this Captain America is going to end up being some alternate universe or timeline doppelganger. It’s a cheap stunt to sells comics. DC did something similar just recently when they revealed that the Joker (SPOILERS) is actually three different guys. This reveal, while big, isn’t as big as having Cap say that he’s basically been in league with nazis and the like. DC, if you’re reading this, feel free to use my idea. Just put my name on the cover.

Speaking of sensationalism, here’s a new time lapse video!