My fear isn’t even that the movie will suck.  I know it’s going to suck and that won’t effect me one way or the other.  What I am afraid of though is that this shit pile will effect the excellent animated series Nickelodeon has going on right now.  If that show changes or goes away to accommodate some piece of trash based on this upcoming atrocity then you know what?  The terrorists did it. They won.  I don’t even care that Bay is just producing this, it has his stink all over it, and he may not be able to kill my childhood but he can sure as hell make my present less tolerable. (nerd sulk)

P.S.  Some of you may have noticed that today’s comic went up a little late and you can thank Windows for that one.  Quite often while I’m working on my comic the Surface Pro will just decide that it doesn’t want to play anymore and shut itself down.  Last night this didn’t just set me back to an earlier save state on my work it corrupted the file midsave and forced me to start all over. Power Driver State Failure is my own personal hell right now. So Microsoft, if your reading this, FIX YOUR SHIT!!