Have you heard of Overwatch? I’m pretty sure it has it’s own religion now. Go to any site that covers video games and you’ll see a full page of articles about Overwatch characters, which ones people want to have sex with, which ones are being cosplayed, Overwatch animation, Overwatch fiction, Overwatch fanfiction, Overwatch highlights, internet celebs playing Overwatch, Overwatch reviews, submit to Overwatch, Overwatch is watching you, Overwatch has seen your dreams, Overwatch will make those dreams come true, erect statues to Overwatch, get your grandma’s purse, take out all her money and credit cards, give it all to Overwatch, Overwatch has seen all, Overwatch knows all!!

People say it’s good. Is it as good as this time lapse video? You’ll have to watch and find out.