What the hell Nintendo!

Look, releasing a game like Metroid Prime: Federation Force is okay if you announce an actual Metroid title as well, but if that’s all you have, then just save it. You don’t even need to have anything done on a new Metroid game, just show a promo image and say “We’re currently working on Metroid: Not Related to Other M, but in the meantime, enjoy this weird thing!” and you’d at least cut the rage factor in half. As it stands now you spit in the mouths of pretty much every Metroid fan out there while at the simultaneously replacing your greatest female hero with a bunch of generic dudes/robots? Not cool bro! Also, where the hell is new footage of the Wii U Zelda? This is not coming from some Nintendo hater, I love you guys, I want good things for you, but you guys didn’t just drop the ball, you had sex with it.